July 18, 2012 Buzz: Outdoors News Shorts

Farmer’s Market Boat

Farm Boat, a floating farmer’s market held aboard the Virginia V at Lake Union Park in Seattle, is a great place to get locally grown produce, artisan crafts and specialty foods while touring the 125-foot historic vessel.

Dave Petrich, founder and organizer of the floating market, says, “We’re recreating the nostalgic maritime past. People used to get their food by water in the Northwest.” While Petrich’s goal is to get those maritime routes running again, your goal should be rounding up some of the fresh fish tacos available from the small restored boat tied up to the Virginia V. It’s a delicious outing. www.farmboat.org

Quiz: What do the following things
have in common?

  • Fuzzy Warrior Helmet
  • A 1.5 pound turkey leg
  • Medal and t-shirt
  • A beer
  • Bragging rights

Warrior Dash race imageAnswer: they are all things you get at the finish line of the Warrior Dash in North Bend, July 21 – 22. If these aren’t enough of an incentive, this year’s charity beneficiary is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Look for more outrageous obstacles in this year’s race. Warrior Dash is one of many fantastic events put on by Red Frog Events, a Chicago-based company that won the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Small Business of the Year Award in 2011.

Brian Sechrist, lead race director for the Washington race, warns that this year’s course will be bigger and badder. www.warriordash.com

Essential Bicycle Maintenance and RepairEssential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

By Daimeon Shanks

Published by Human Kinetics

Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair teaches you how to repair your bike with minimal investment in specialized tools. Written for the do-it-yourselfer, not the professional mechanic, each repair includes step-by-step instructions and photo sequences, making the book an accessible and essential resource for any cyclist. It’s a good one to add to your bookshelf. www.humankinetics.com

Gear of the Month

We love these little upcycled Dopp kits, made from old tents. They’re from the greenest company around, TerraCycle, which is devoted to eliminating waste by making usable products from non-recyclable material. If the Dopp kit isn’t your thing, check out their messenger bags made from drink pouches. www.terracycle.com



Wenger Swiss Army Knife Blackout EvoGrip 10Wenger Swiss Army Knife

As hiking and camping season is upon us, everyone needs a Swiss Army knife. Here’s a neat little one from Wenger, the Blackout EvoGrip 10. It’s got nine implements and weighs just 1.9 ounces, but its standout feature is the black PVD (Physical Vapor Disposition) coating on the tools. It’s stealthy and slick: a great basic knife. No corkscrew or espresso maker, but it will get the job done. www.wengerna.com


Why Tourist Destinations Should Court Cyclists:

26% is how much more money cycling tourists spend per day than other tourists.

Source: Bicycling in Quebec, 2005 study.

San Juan Islands — Companion Tickets

Headed to the San Juans this summer? A great trip just got even better. Sign up at www.visitsanjuans.com

to receive a free companion pass on the Scenic Byway Explorer bus. Ditch your car and walk or bike on the ferry. Once on the islands, ride, walk or catch the shuttle bus to get around.




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