Outdoors NW Pick Up Point of the Month: Alpine Hut

Alpine Hut
2215 15th Avenue West, Seattle

Photo at right: Kyle Fisher, owner of Alpine Hut

Our Pickup Point of the Month is Alpine Hut, in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. They’ve been a hub of skiing and cycling for Seattle for more than 40 years. We stopped by to talk to Kyle Fisher, owner and Outdoors NW fan.

Q: What’s your favorite organized ride?

A: The RSVP. I’ve done it about five times. It’s a lot more laid back than the STP. It’s a fun ride for people who might not be super serious about cycling, but want to have a great time.

Alpine Hut, 2215 15th Avenue West, Seattle, Outdoors NW Pick Up Point of the Month.

Q: What makes Alpine Hut so special?

A: The level of customer service and expertise. Everyone who works here is passionate about skiing and biking. We go out of our way to make customers, not just sales.

Q: If you can pick only one for the rest of your life – biking or skiing?

A: Impossible to choose.

Q: What do you like about Outdoors NW magazine?

A: That it is a Northwest-based publication that really focuses on the genre of skiing and cycling that people here really enjoy and partake in.

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