Outdoors NW Pick Up Point of the Month: Fit Right

Fit Right
2230 NW Allie Ave,
Suite 111
Hillsboro, Ore.

Photo at right: Dave Sobolik founder of Fit Right

Our Pickup Point of the Month is Fit Right in Hillsboro, Ore. They’ve got three locations in the Northwest and are experts on fitting any foot for some running kicks. We caught up with Dave Sobolik, founder of the running shoe emporium:

Q: Why is a custom fit is so important with running shoes?

Fit Right Tanasbourne, 2230 NW Allie Ave STE 111, Hillsboro, Outdoors NW Pick Up Point of the Month

A: Each brand (and often each successive models of footwear) don’t always fit the same, so it’s important to come in and try on a pair of shoes. Let’s face it, when running, footwear is your single most important piece of gear. Spending 30 minutes with us to get fit properly in the right pair of shoes can make all the difference in having a positive running experience or not. No one wants to get injured or get blisters and by simply taking the time to get fit can make all the difference. Besides, if you choose to get fit for a pair, then most often, you’ll be supporting a local business and I think that is very important When was the last time Zappos put the shoe on your foot and laced it up for ya while you had a chance to talk about your running, brag about your kids or laugh at a bad joke?

Q: The worst problem most runners face with their shoes?

A: Most often, we’ll see individuals come in with the wrong support or their shoes are too short. Another common problem is that many wear their shoes much longer than they should and then the aches and pains start.

Q: Favorite run or race?

A: There are so many! Of those that I’ve participated in, it was the New York City Marathon. Truly a memorable event!

Q: Best part of owning Fit Right?

A: The community! I love the Fit Right Community and all that it encompasses. The people that shop and support our store and events are absolutely amazing. I’ve developed so many amazing relationships over the years, it’s truly been a blessing.

Q: Favorite thing about Outdoors NW magazine?

A: I love the fact that you cover so many outdoor activities and don’t focus on just one. The multiplicity of your magazine is fantastic!

>> Click to visit Fit Right online: www.fit-right-nw.com

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