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Cops on Mountain Bikes!

Outdoors NW staffers have selected a handful of our magazine covers from the past 25 years. Choose from our Gallery below and then cast your vote for your favorite in our COMMENTS section below. One lucky entry will be chosen at random to win an Eagle’s Nest Outfitters (ENO) Hammock! Contest ended June 7.

Barbie and Ken

July 1994: This was actually the cover art for the 1994 STP Official Program. Whimsical editor Tom Braman and publisher Carolyn Price hunted down “Cycling Barbie and Ken” outfits, dressed them in matching neon green tops and helmets and cozily posed them on a hillside overlooking downtown Seattle. At the STP finish line in Portland, Braman selected real-life Barbie and Ken look-a-likes and gave them Barbie and Ken dolls as prizes. Photo by Carolyn Price


Cheers to 50 Years!

May/June 2012: This image was chosen in honor of our annual Beer Edition which annually features the summer’s top beer festivals. It was a toast to the Needle which turned 50 years old that year (2012). Photo by Seattle Beer Commission


Three Cycling Kids at the Beach

April 1992: Publisher Carolyn Price took her nieces and nephew down to Alki Beach 21 years ago and dressed them in matching Italian jerseys to help illustrate that edition’s fashion story. Epilog: Trevor, then age 2-1/2, died of leukemia in 2002 at age 12; Breanna, then 1-1/2, is now in college studying criminology; eldest niece Jaclyn lives and works in Seattle. Photo by Danny McMillin


Climbing at Smith Rock

June 1995: What’s interesting about this cover is that it contains three magazine names on it: Sports Etc, the pizza-pie shaped logo from 1994 to 2004; the NW Cyclist magazine which was folded into SE for a couple of years; and the Northwest Outdoors headline along the side which was actually the inspiration for the name of our current-day Outdoors NW magazine. It took nine years before the new title came around permanently. Photo by Karl Weatherly


Cops on Mountain Bikes

September, 1988: Paul Grady, third from the right, was the founder of the country’s first in-city mountain bike patrol right here in Seattle. Grady went on to write a how-to industry book for police precincts around the world. This picture was taken at Pike Place Market with Seattle’s unmistakable skyline in the background. Today, helmeted bike cops are standard issue in Seattle and other cities in keeping law and order, thanks to Patrolman Grady’s brilliant idea. Photo by Carolyn Price


Ed Viesturs – Climbing Legend

August, 2005: We couldn’t let the accomplishments of Bainbridge Island’s Ed Viesturs go by unnoticed. Ed was the first American to stand atop the world’s 14 highest summits – all mountains above 8,000 meters – without the use of supplemental oxygen. The mission started in 1989 and was completed in May 2005. This photo was taken atop Mount Annapurna by Veikka Gustafasson.


Our First Color Cover

July 1989: Another fashion issue – bold neon and flowery patterns were in cycling vogue in the late-80s and we couldn’t resist this flashy outfit from Vigorelli. The photo marked the first color cover in the history of the magazine, coming 1-1/2 years after our first published edition. Photographer John Pratt of Bellingham writes: “Cathy Kroll was our model. Not only a cyclist but a marathoner who ran in the 1988 women’s Olympic marathon trials. The shoot took place in Skagit County along the tide flats on Chuckanut Drive. The image was clicked just as the sun dropped behind Mount Constitution on Orcas Island offering low reflective light and some very warm colors on some very hot clothing.”


Jingle Bell Rocks!

Nov/Dec 2009: Who doesn’t like presents? We sure did since we chose this Seattle Jingle Bell Run image for our Running cover. It was also chosen in honor of the Arthritis Foundation’s 25 years of raising money to fight this disease. Photo by Jeremy Miller



July/August 2010: Going green in the Northwest is easy along this deliciously deciduous trail on Tiger Mountain near Issaquah.  The edition was about using green practices on outdoor vacations. Photo by Stephen Matera, Seattle


Fourth of July Sparklers!

July, 1990: Seattle photographer Danny McMillin used sparklers, multi-exposures and the darkness of night to capture this special Fourth of July photo exclusively for us. As the story goes, McMillin, dressed all in black, scampered around the bike without being detected by his camera, perfectly framing it with his sparkler. Well, maybe Danny used more than one sparkler.


From BC to AD to MB

April, 1990: Our tribute to the evolution of the mountain bike. Called the Evolution of Cycling, this cover art originated as a primitive drawing on a tattered, beer-stained napkin. Through an idea presented to him through conversation, artist Carol Abramovic of Portland, Ore. used his imagination and obvious artistic talent far beyond our original expectations of this assignment.


Lime Green Snow Guy

Winter 2009-2010: We wanted to give a nod to the 2010 Winter Olympics happening just up the street in Vancouver, B.C. so we chose this neon-clad skier blasting down the side of Blackcomb Mountain for the cover of that year’s Western SnowSports magazine, our sister publication. Notice that neon was back in vogue – at least for that year. Photo by Paul Morrison who photographed his son, Ian, in this image.


Winter Lifestyle Skiers

Winter 2008-09: Snow flurries dropped on the heads of these happy skiers and boarders in front of Granite Peaks Lodge at Stevens Pass. This image was a departure of our normal ‘action’ cover; we liked it because it depicted the off-slope normalcy of a day at the mountain. Photo by Chase Jarvis, Seattle