OutdoorsNW Editor's Note

A New Face at OutdoorsNW

By Diane Rudholm

While I’m not new to editing or writing or social media, I am certainly new to the OutdoorsNW staff—so, dear readers, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Diane Rudholm, and I love the outdoors. Like, really love the outdoors. Like, “Thoreau-is-writing-about-simplicity-and-ponds” love the outdoors.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, too. The immediacy and possibilities are fascinating. But, getting outside to run, bike, ski, camp and play is much more than a hobby for me — it is a necessity for living a balanced and grounded life.

While I am not a native to the Northwest (forgive me, this), I have always been drawn to exploring mountains and water, navigating and stargazing, savoring the changing seasons.

My stomping grounds were paths through aspen trees and Indian paintbrush, fishing holes on and around Pikes Peak in Colorado and, later on, the dusty boot paths and wild horse trails of Red Rock and Cold Creek Canyon in Nevada.

It was as an adult that I made my way to the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and then to Seattle where I met my ski-loving husband. And it is in this place, nestled between Puget Sound and the Cascades, where we’ve chosen to raise our son (already an admirable explorer and climber at age 2).

My hope for our little one is that he will love the outdoors as much as we do, that he will appreciate the volcanoes and wildflowers, and rainforests and orchards that make his stomping grounds unique. I hope, too, that he will find the meaningful friendships we have in our vibrant outdoors community.

In a similar spirit of hope and appreciation, I look forward to working with the OutdoorsNW team and to get to know what makes you, our avid readers, most excited about this gorgeous place we call home.

If you would like to chat sometime about adventures — past or future — or if you’d like to drool over gear with someone, tweet me up at @OutdoorsNWmag.

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