New Cool Bicycling Gear

Bike gear to keep your wheels turning!


By Carolyn Price and Diane Rudholm

Donkey Label Chamois Balm

Dealing with chaffing from cycling or running can be a bummer. But, not to worry. You have options for preventing discomfort and saddle sores. Chamois Balm, handmade by Donkey Label in small batches, is an organic option that’s easy to apply. The balm comes in an attractive 3.4-ounce tin that won’t take up much room in your cycling bag. Our tester said she loved the scent, which is subtly minty. The balm has a slight cooling effect when applied to sensitive skin. Retail price: $25.

Henty Wingman Cyclists’ Utility Bag

Whether it’s a bike trip to the airport or a commute to work, the Henty Wingman utility bag can carry it all. The Wingman was designed for active business people to carry suits, dresses, shirts/blouses, shoes, laptop and workout clothes in one compact bundle—all with the convenience of a satchel on your back via padded adjustable shoulder straps. The Wingman has semi-rigid vertical ribs (made from 100-percent recycled plastic), which minimizes garment creases. Includes: web loop for a bike light, reflective piping and waterproof taped seams. Retail price: $199.

Optic Nerve SideSwipe™ Interchangeable Lens

Optic Nerve is changing things up this spring with a flick of a switch! That is good news for cyclists and other sun-lovers who can now quickly change Optic Nerve lenses when conditions change—with a small switch-like apparatus on their new SideSwipe glasses. This proprietary technology will be featured in two different styles: Amino and Sequence. Both offer four lenses: polarized, copper, orange and clear. Retail price: $109.

PDW Aether Demon Bicycle Taillight

Car drivers may not like the Aether Demon taillight—but it just may save a cyclist from an accident. With its winking, blinking and intensely glaring .5-watt LED eye, the Demon runs on a lithium-ion battery, rechargeable through a USB port. Lightweight at 1.5 ounces, the Demon offers four modes which last between 3.5 – 8 hours. The Demon attaches to your bike with a handy clip on its backside. Its sister products include saddles, fenders, pumps and tools. Designed by Portland Design Works, a team of new and very cool innovators. Retail price: $49.

Rainy Day Biking Reflective Mud Flaps

For Northwest cyclists, there’s nothing better than a great mud flap. And better, a mud flap designed by Seattle cyclists in the know. Enter Rainy Day Biking, which makes a variety of high visibility safety gear for biking. Rainy Day’s mud flaps caught our attention for several reasons: the flaps’ extended length, reflective vinyl visible for up to half a mile, high density Polyurethane construction that’s known for being lightweight and durable, and stainless steel mounting hardware. Choose from a variety of colors and art work. Retail price: $14.95 – $22.95.

Tonik Colette Cycling Jersey

All cycling jerseys do not fit all bodies—especially women’s bodies. That’s why we are thrilled to experience the Tonik Difference of cycling jerseys made specifically for women! These jerseys are roomier than most, stretchy in the upper arms and longer than usual in the back—complete with gripper tape along the bottom edge. We also like the reflective material in the zippers, trim and logo, and zippered pocket sandwiched between the triple pockets in the back. We have worn our Colette Jersey since last summer and it actually makes our ride more enjoyable due to its soft, technical fabric and comfortable fit. Tonik was founded by two women, and their jerseys are made locally on Whidbey Island. As they say, “You don’t have to be an iron woman to fit our jerseys.” Retail price: $95.

RideOut FireFly Handlebar Grips

RideOut FireFly Handlebar Grips are patented turn signal lights for your bike. They allow you to change lanes while keeping your hands safely on your bicycle. Just squeeze a button beneath the soft rubber padding to activate the bright LED turn signals. The yellow blinking lights remain activated for 30 seconds or until you press the button a second time. Visible from the front, side and back, we found that these handlebar grips fit especially well on flat and riser handlebars. Retail price: $37.75.

Sage Titanium PDXCX Bicycle

The Sage Titanium PDXCX is one smooth ride. This 2014 Cyclocross model is designed to glide through mud and technical sections, as well as build speed through smooth, open stretches. The PDXCX offers excellent control on sharp turns and for sudden stops. And, for those times you need to carry your bike on the run, the ovalized top tube increases stability and comfort for shouldering the bike.

This model is resilient year-round; the titanium frame is built to stand up to the toughest weather and race conditions. Retail price: $3,650 and up.

The Schwinn Biking Game

Kudos to Schwinn for creating a new biking board game with a new spin. Players use their ‘speeding’ bikes—playing pieces with names like the Mesa 16-inch, Town and Country, Starlet Celery—to race around the board and become the first cyclist back to their starting spot to win. The Schwinn Biking Game uses Fun Fact trivia cards with four difficulty levels—good for kids as young as age 4 to the most dedicated cycling historian. Retail price: $24.99.

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