Lightweight Gear We Love

Gear Review

By Carolyn Price and Diane Rudholm


Teva goes retro
with Originals Collection

Teva went to its way-back machine in relaunching two new sandal styles based on the brand’s first designs 30 years ago: the Original Universal and the Original Sandal.

We tried out a pair of the retro Universals sport sandals, which feature colorful and spirited webbing, and it’s just as we remembered. Teva continues its water-friendly tradition with the Originals line up and the price won’t swamp your budget either. Men’s and women’s; assorted colors. Retail price: $40.

DexShell Waterproof Thermalite Socks make feet happy

Merino wool is always in style for outdoor recreation, and DexShell has refined the art of uniting the special wool with other high-quality materials to make feet happy. Among its newest happy-making designs are the Waterproof Thermalite Socks.

These light but sturdy socks are constructed with three breathable layers that are 100-percent waterproof and leave feet feeling nice and dry. They’re also snug enough to minimize rubbing and blisters and provide some light compression to ease sore ankles. Retail price: $79.

Travel light with ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Boxer Briefs

“Those are some comfortable underwear,” says our tester.

As traveler lore goes, these super stretchy Give-N-Go Sport Mesh boxer briefs from Seattle’s ExOfficio can be worn for days (maybe event weeks) on end with minimal suffering for you and your traveling companions. That’s because the soft but supportive fabric is super lightweight and breathable (so it dries quickly), and it’s been treated with Aegis Microbe Shield to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Retail price: $30.

Extreme sweat control with SweatHawg’s Helmet Liners

These seemingly simple patent-pending helmet liners really pack a punch – or at least they pack a lot of water. The soft, ultra-absorbent fabric used in SweatHawg Helmet Liners absorbs a massive amount of sweat, keeping it out of your eyes and off your glasses.

Using the helmet liners is a breeze. All you have to do is put a liner into your bike helmet, strap it on and forget about it. No sweat! Retail price: $20.

Arkel Dry-Lites, Ultralight Saddlebags

While Arkel Dry-Lites weigh in at less than a pound per pair, they have more than enough room to carry the bike-commuting or touring essentials needed to keep you safe and comfortable. High on our list are a repair kit and extra work clothes.

The saddlebags attach to your bike’s rear rack with strong Velcro, and they feature a handle (as well as a shoulder strap if you opt for one) that lets you continue to use your bags long after you’ve parked your bike. Retail price: $89.95.

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