NW Cyclist Gear Review

Spring Cycling Gear!

By OutdoorsNW Staff


Cycling Jerseys
Retro Image Apparel Two

Founded in Seattle in 2002 by Roger Malette, Retro Image Apparel’s mission was to make cycling jerseys functional and fun. After Roger’s untimely death, the family company was moved to St. Louis and rebranded as Retro Image Apparel Two in 2014.

Today, the company still succeeds in carrying on Roger’s jersey creations in classic art, pop culture icons and historical cycling imagery to create unique and expressive cycling apparel for men and women of all experience levels.

Among our favorites, you’ll find the Rosie the Riveter, Smokey the Bear and NASA designs. There’s also a colorful line of jerseys featuring popular craft beer labels—relevant to cyclists of the hoppy Northwest variety.

Retro Two jerseys are 100 percent dye-sublimated, and they’re made from high-tech fabric that does a great job of regulating temperature and moisture. They’re made with four-way stretch fabric and mesh side panels for ultimate flexibility and comfort. Other jersey features include three rear pockets for easy stash-on-the go riding, non-elastic sleeves, silicone grips to keep jerseys down in the back, and a full hidden YKK zipper. As of 2015, many designs are also available as Performance Tees, in both men’s and women’s cuts.

$84.99 short-sleeve jerseys; $94.99 long-sleeve jerseys,
$49.99 short-sleeve performance tees; $59.99 long-sleeve performance tees.   www.retro2ride.com

Reflective Spray
Albedo 100

Advancements in aerosols and paints have come together in this great reflective spray.

Albedo100 Invisible Bright Spray is invisible in daylight but light-reflective in the dark, in car headlights or camera flashes. The reflective effect is perfect for the evening walk, jog or bike ride.

Increase the visibility and safety of children as well by spraying clothing, shoes, baby strollers, backpacks and hats. It washes out easily and is not durable in the rain so requires reapplication.

They do sell a Permanent Metallic light-reflective spray that sticks to most surfaces and is wind, rain and UV-resistant. They also offer Horse and Pet spray that is fur-friendly and washes off easily.

$13.99 2.3oz, $18.99 4.6oz

See’em LED Mini Spoke Lights
Nite Ize

Nite Ize has an extensive offering of high-visibility products for cyclists—including the fun See’em LED Mini Spoke Lights.

These small, colorful lights clip easily and securely onto bicycle spokes. Once attached, you can easily turn each light on and off by rotating the face of the light. If your fingertips are covered by gloves, this can be challenging, but is easy otherwise.

What makes these LED lights so darn fun is that they create glowing light trails that follow the circular motion of your bike while you ride, increasing side visibility. Fun fact: A friend of our tester saw her riding her bike with these lights and asked about them right away. They’re tester- and friend-approved.

If you want to be seen cycling or running, check out their two-pack ($6.99) or four-pack ($13.99) and create a pretty fantastic visibility kit! www.niteize.com

New Seattle bike design
The Denny

Arthur Denny would have been proud. The founding Father of Seattle in 1851 now has a bicycle named after him, The Denny, a commuter bike designed exactly for Seattle bike commuters.

Chosen by voters as the best design from five design firms around the country in a contest sponsored by Oregon Manifest and Levi’s, The Denny was created by the Seattle firm Teage and frame maker Tony Sizemore. The collaboration is known as Teague x Sizemore.

The Denny addresses all things bikers face riding in Seattle: unpredictable terrain and climate, with security, safety and convenience integrated into the design. Coolest feature: A removable handlebar that you can use for a lock!

The Denny will be manufactured by Fuji Bikes with shipments projected to arrive on showroom floors this spring. The Denny will retail between $3,000 – $5,000.

Airstorm Helmet
Rudy Project

Rudy Project, a global heavyweight the last two decades for producing performance-oriented helmets, sunglasses, goggles and Rx/prescription eyewear solution, has knocked it out of the park again with its newly released Airstorm Helmet.

Designed to withstand impacts greater than any cycling helmet certification requirement in the world, the Airstorm is lightweight (a touch over 9 ounces), comfortable (maximum airflow is achieved via 22 front and rear vents), and technologically advanced (with its awarded-winning adjustable “chassis and ring” structure which allows one-handed adjustment).

The helmet comes with two sets of interchangeable and washable pads, with an optional “snap-in, snap out” shading visor. You can’t lose – the Airstorm offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. $174.99 www.e-rudy.com