Gociety: Meet Awesome People Outside

May 11, 2015

By Jennifer McLaughlin

Photo at right: Meghan Beacham, Seattle Gociety ambassador, enjoying a blue bird day at Stevens Pass. Photo by Junelei Chen

How does a sunrise hike to Rattlesnake Ridge before work sound? How about finding dinosaur tracks in La Junta, Colo. or floating the Deua River in South Wales, Australia? Do any of these sound like a fun way to spend your time? We think so too, which is why we are excited to tell you about Gociety.com.

An idea literally sparked around a campfire in the wilds of Colorado, Gociety is a social network for people who love the outdoors. It’s a fast-growing global community of outdoor enthusiasts who get together and plan adventures.

While many of us are adventurous and love to play outdoors, sometimes we are challenged to find like-minded people to join us — Gociety’s goal is to bring together people with a zest for life for shared, positive, memorable and for some, new outdoor experiences.

While connecting like-minded people together is not a new idea (think Meetup.com, LinkedIn groups, and Facebook group pages for example), the difference in Gociety is that instead of group leaders coming up with adventures, any member can post their own activity and join other activities. It’s like a virtual, and global, message board for adventurers.

It’s a free social media platform that is easy to use for all ages and it recently arrived in Seattle. Check out their website and, like they recommend, get outside and be awesome. www.gociety.com