2015 Dog Photo Contest Entries

June 30, 2015

Our first annual Dogs In Action photo contest was a huge success! Thank you to Rad Dog Pet Products for sponsoring the contest and providing outstanding prizes to the top three winners. We’ll do it again, every year, because nothing says Outdoor Fun like our favorite pooch in action!

Thank you again for sharing your adventure dogs with OutdoorsNW magazine!

Sponsored by . . .


Grand Prize: JONAH

Prize: Starring shot on the 40,000 covers of the summer edition distributed throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and a Rad Dog Release-n-Go collar

Owner: Diane Thompson
Jonah is jumping out of the water to catch his frisbee on his favorite Gulf Island in the Pacific Northwest.

First Place: Chloe Wonder Mutt

Prize: RadDog Release-n-Go collar

Owner: Adam Callahan
My dog Chloe (aka Wonder Mutt) loves to hike and run…but her absolute favorite is jumping and swimming in any body of water after a ball or her ‘dead bird’, which is actually a training bumper. And in this photo she is leaping into the Columbia River in Richland, WA.

Second Place: Tima

Prize: Rad Dog Pocket Bowl

Owner: Dylan Hart
Tima is happiest running in fresh powder and loves chasing snowboarders in the Mt. Baker wilderness.

Third Place: Bentley

Prize: Rad Dog Waste Bags

Owner: Dave Bilyeu
Bentley is on a 5 mile run with owner, Dave. He is clearly having a fine time! We are running north of Bend, OR at the Tumalo Reservoir.

Coolest photo: Danny

Prize: Discover Pass from Washington State Parks

aka Dr. Peewee Sherman Danielson, DDS (Danny)

Owner: Scott Stabbert
Danny and I paragliding over Tiger Mt. Issaquah, WA.

Honorable Mentions


Owner: Laura Scoccolo
Nathan running free on Pacific Beach, WA.


Owner: lynn vesey
Kaydee loves to run in the backyard and jump through a hula hoop. 
The picture was the night before we took her to have a cancerous tumor removed. 
The surgery was a success and Kaydee will be 6 in June.  She still likes to jump through the hoop.


Owner: Patrick Betts
Soph enjoys the snowy approach to some Cascades rock climbing.

Kirby on the beach

Owner: Maria Borisov
Kirby running after his favorite ball on Pacific Beach, waiting for the tide to go out so we can all dig for razor clams (he’s a great digger!).

And the rest . . .

(In alphabetical order)


Owner: Paula Martin
Baker could not wait to play in the water so found a mud puddle and sunk his frisbee so he had to fetch it and get all muddy!


Owner: Jack Green
Saw the dog coming out of the water with a stick. Was too good to miss.


Owner: Deborah Stojak
Cheli plays basketball


Owner: Deborah Stojak
Cheli with stick on beach


Owner: Paula Dagnon
Jake hikes at Mt. Baker.


Owner: Rebecca Giles
Jake loves to ‘cool’ off in the sprinklers


Owner: Michiko Togashi
Jinx stands proud on a high step she jumped on by herself.


Owner: Diane Thompson
Jonah is running out of the water on Grayland Beach in Washington state.


Owner: Maria Borisov
A tasty swim at Annette Lake after a perfect morning hike!


Owner: Maria Borisov
Kirby enjoys a snowy cooling off after a challenging hike to Lake Melakwa


Owner: Maria Borisov
While exploring Whidbey Island, Kirby goes for a swim at Ebey’s Landing.


Owner: Maria Borisov
Snowshoeing in Leavenworth area/Central Cascades. Kirby is elated by the snowy and sunny day. Explosions of joy!

Kirby (licking lips)

Owner: Maria Borisov
Kirby is so excited about playing on the beach, he is licking his lips!


Owner: Maria Borisov
Kirby chasing his favorite ball on Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA


Owner: Maria Borisov
Kirby catching snowballs in the Central Cascades.


Owner: Dane Doerflinger
Mandy is racing the girls down the beach to the next swim spot on the John Day River in northeastern Oregon.


Owner: Mark Swanson
Marston, a golden retriever, takes a break with his brother, Andrew Swanson, along the Spruce Railroad Trail on April 20, 2015.
The trail is part of the Olympic Discovery Trail and runs along the north side of Crescent Lake on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.


Owner: Kylene Quinn
Maxx gives a shake while still in the water


Owner: Natalie       
Molly gives Natalie a kiss


Owner: Kyle Fisher
Osa is fetching the ball and swimming at Snow Lake, WA. Above Alpental

Reese at Sunrise

Owner: Jules Michel
Pickering Passage with the sun rising over Squaxin Island. Reese climbed out to the rock to look at a school of forage fish.


Owner: Jules Michel
Reese jumps a fence early morning at Sandy Delta Park in Troutdale, Oregon.


Owner: Jules Michel
Reese dives into a channel which connects the Sandy River and Columbia River in Troutdale, Oregon.


Owner: Rachel Henden
Sherman jumps to catch a frisbee


Owner: Loretta Spencer
My dog, my pole and me. Life is good.