The Best Gear and Food for Outdoor Doggies

July 8, 2015

Gear Reviews by Jennifer McLaughlin


Rad Dog Release-N-Run Leash

The Release-N-Run is a durable highly functional collar and leash in one. It has a built-in 4 foot retractable leash—allowing the leash to fully stow in the dog’s collar while not in use. Incredibly strong it’s made with climbers webbing, Cordura® and Spectra® cord. Simply pull the leash from its pouch when you’re ready to use it. When you want to let your dog off leash, gently let go. The leash will safely retract into the pouch. It’s a “keeper”! Retail: $39.95

Hurtta Cooling Vest

This vest works by cooling your dog’s heart and lungs which in turn cools the blood temperature around the body. It is ideal for walking, play sessions and training even when the sun is blazing outside. The material is ultra-absorbent locking in as much cool water as possible. It activates by simply adding cold water and wringing until the dripping stops. Apply more water as needed. Simple and effective and our “test dogs” loved it! Retail: $39.99

Bionic Urban Stick

The Bionic Urban Stick is amazingly durable, even for the most aggressive chewers. It is designed with open ends that can be stuffed with treats to capture attention. Highlights include contoured ridges for easy throwing, uneven surface for dogs to chew on and it even floats! It is made from 100 percent recyclable Food and Drug Administration food-grade materials and is totally dishwasher safe. The Bionic® Urban Stick comes in a variety of sizes. Retail: $9.99 to $24.99.

Food Reviews by Kris Parfitt

K9 Meal Bars

A tasty and complete meal replacement for your pooch when on the go, these 2.2-ounce, 250 calorie meal bars are made with 100 percent U.S. sourced, human grade ingredients and are all natural and grain-free. They are interchangeable with regular dog food and are safe on sensitive tummies. They come in two tasty flavors, bacon or peanut butter. Retail: Six 2.2-ounce bars $18

Cycle Dog
Trail Buddy Treats

Made from human-grade ingredients in a USDA facility, these tasty trail buddies are all natural,
grain-free with only one ingredient—100 percent beef, chicken or lamb! Retail: One 2-ounce package $8.