Yurt Camping: What it is and where to do it

August 11, 2015

By Megan Hill

Photo at right courtesy of Pacific Yurts


Want to add a touch of rusticity to your camping experience? In the Pacific Northwest, yurts are becoming a common form of accommodations for people without delving fully into tent camping.

Yurts were originally designed and lived in by the nomadic tribes of Central Asia. In modern day North America however, these circular, tent-like structures are a notch above tent camping, and oftentimes referred to as Glamping.

Typically constructed of a wood frame wrapped in canvas or tarps and constructed on a deck or raised platform, yurts vary in their level of comfort. Some yurts are fully furnished with beds, tables, chairs, wood stove, running water and electricity, while others are bare bones with a dirt floor, no furniture, kitchen, or electricity and require you to bring your own commissary, bedding and heating source.

When reserving a yurt, make sure to inquire about the accommodations offered inside the structure so that you know what to bring and what is already provided.

We’ve listed a plethora of yurt camping rentals in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and southern British Columbia. Aren’t “yurt” lucky to have easy access to such a fun experience?

United States

Pacific Yurts: www.yurts.com
Yurt Vacations: www.bit.ly/1IDGX7c
Glamping Hub: www.bit.ly/1duXUD8


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Washington Rustic Retreats: www.bit.ly/1BXwQSM


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Travel Oregon: www.bit.ly/1f1iGv3


Idaho Parks and Recreation: www.bit.ly/1FPMWPc
Idaho University Outdoor Adventure Center: www.bit.ly/1JDwGrD

British Columbia

List of Yurt Rentals: www.bit.ly/1S2Fcln

Megan Hill is a Seattle-based freelance writer. She specializes in writing about food, travel and the outdoors. www.meganhillfreelancewriter.com