International Women's Ski Day December 12

November 23, 2015

By Kris Parfitt

Photo at right: A group of enthusiastic women skiers gather at K2’s Seattle headquarters for the Stoke Tune Up party the week before the 2014 IWSD event. Photo by Freya Fennwood Photography


Gaining momentum in its fourth year, International Women’s Ski Day (IWSD) is now celebrated in Japan and Switzerland. The event was started in 2011 by K2’s Women’s Ski Team Manager, Alyssa Clark. Her goal was for women to have a day when they drop what they are doing and go ski with their girlfriends. Clark organized 18 IWSD events the first year and has evidence that more than 60 events now occur annually.

Want to gather the girls to celebrate all things snow and downhill? Check out where to celebrate and how to start one of your own days.

Need to get those skis tuned up? Join K2 and SheJumps on Dec. 3 at the K2 headquarters in Seattle for the annual K2 Winter Stoke tune-up party. Local women can get skis and snowboards tuned up, learn how to fit boots and meet other female skiers and talk with representatives from Stevens Pass Mountain Resort and Crystal Mountain. The proceeds from the Winter Stoke party will benefit SheJumps, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to increase the participation of females in outdoor activities.

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