Trail Running Book Reviews

December 4, 2015

Reviews by Kris Parfitt


50 Trail Runs in Washington

By Cheri Pompeo Gillis

The Mountaineers Books

If trail running is your adventure of choice, this book is your compass. Loaded with running trails across the Emerald State and detailed notes about each, this publication should be in every trail-runner’s pack.

Provided with each trail description is a list of information that is easy to understand at a glance: course difficulty, elevation gains and losses, approximate time and distance of trail run, and how much water to carry. Written by a trail runner specifically for trail runners, this book is perfect for those who are ready to take their running experience to the next level.

Trail Head

By Lisa Jhung


By answering all the questions one might have about the exhilarating sport of trail running, Lisa Jhung has written a well-paced book for the novice to the veteran runner. Illustrated with whimsical illustrations by Charlie Layton, Trail Head—The Dirt on All things Trail Running—employs a unique blend of humor and fact to offer engaging information on the how and why, along with safety and etiquette guidelines of trail running.

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