Editor's Choice: New Bike Gear

March 2, 2016

By Kris Parfitt



Illuminating Bike Gear

Zackies Turn Signal Gloves

Being seen on a bike, on foot, or a skateboard during the day or night has
just been revolutionized by these illuminating direction indicator gloves. An easy activation switch between the thumb and index finger turns on a bright LED light in the shape of an arrow which allows you to signal your direction, or just call attention to your location. Retail: $90

LIVALL Smart Helmet

Designed with communication in mind, the Smart Helmet has a built-in walkie-talkie to communicate with fellow cyclists with similar technology. Using sensors that detect gravity acceleration, the helmet alerts emergency personnel if a cyclists falls. Decked out with LED lights for easy visibility, cyclists can signal directions with a simple push of a button. Add the Bluetooth speakers for music options, a camera and Riding App, this helmet helps you not only track your cadence, but also the memories from your ride. Retail: $200

MonkeyElectric Bike Wheel Lights

Bright and durable with 360-degree visibility, these waterproof dirt-resistant safety lights are a unique, fun and creative way to be visible on a bike at night. Made of solid rubber, the full color lights are double-sided and capable of displaying images and video on a bike wheel. Each illumination system is light-weight, made with environmentally friendly and lead-free materials and comes with rechargeable batteries. Retail: $25 – $55

Balance Bikes for the ages

STRIDER 20 Sport

Strider Sports Intl., makes bikes aimed to build balance, coordination and confidence in anyone, at any age, while learning to ride a bike.

The STRIDER 20 Sport combines safety, performance and simplicity without the complication of pedals. Designed for height adjustability, this is a perfect bike for new learners, those challenged with special needs, and BMX bike riders. Teens and adults will appreciate how easy it is to stride with the lightweight frames. Retail: $290

MiiR Bambini Balance Bike

Any fast-growing toddler will love the colors and endless fun on a Bambini Balance Bike. These pedal-less cycles are easy to learn to ride and have an adjustable stem and seat post to match a child’s growth. Parents will love the high quality and durability of the frame and EVA foam tires, which eliminates the need for pumping! The best part? For every MiiR Bambini purchased someone in need receives one for free. Retail: $139