Get Hoppy Outdoors Photo Winners

May 6, 2016

Winning Photos from the 2016 Get Hoppy Outdoors Photo Contest


There were some great photos submitted for the Get Hoppy Outdoors photo contest and we wish we had room in the magazine to print the winning photos.

We especially enjoyed the Ebey’s Landing photo which captured how beautiful, cold and fun that part of Whidbey Island, Washington, can be anytime of the year.

The Mt. Baker Ski Area toast looked like an adventure deserving of some locally crafted beer.

We laughed at the Yeti Spotting on the Hood Canal photo and had to add that to the winning line up!

Cheers to everyone who submitted and thank you for getting hoppy outdoors in 2016!


First Place: Ebey’s Landing – Cassi Arias (left), Brandon Fralic and Traci Fralic take in the beauty of Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey Island and the cold refreshing taste of a Diamond Knot Brewing Brown Ale. Photo submitted by Cassi Arias, Anacortes, Washington.
Second Place: Mt. Baker Ski Area – Brandon Fralic and Rachel Wood toast to a hearty snowshoe adventure to Mt. Baker Ski Area – near Bellingham, Washington – with an Aslan Batch 15 IPA and a Good Life Sweet As! Pacific Ale. Photo submitted by Brandon Fralic, Bellingham, Washington.
Third Place: Yeti Spotting – A Keystone beer drinking Yeti was recently spotted on the banks of the Hood Canal in Washington. Photo submitted by Heather Hamilton-Reynolds, Bremerton, Washington.


Honorable Mention: After hiking the Chatter Creek Trail on Icicle Creek in Leavenworth, Washington, Loren Barger enjoys a Shock-Top Belgian White for his end-of-hike beer tradition. Photo submitted by Kirk Einspahr, Chelan, Washington.
Honorable Mention: Alisha Durgin celebrates reaching Dragontrail Peak in Washington’s Enchantments with a Laurelwood Brewing Co. Workhorse IPA. Photo submitted by Alisha Durgin, Portland, Oregon.


We love it when readers share their photos! To be eligible to participate in our photo contests, all pictures must follow the rules and the theme of the contest.

Our current photo contest is called Adventure Dog and involves shots of your pooch doing something cool outdoors. See the link here for details.