Editor's Note: Wag More

July 20, 2016

By Kris Parfitt

Photo at right: Tango and Peanut Watanabe


Whenever I see the quote “Wag More, Bark Less” on a bumper sticker I smile. My friends and family would undoubtedly identify me as a dog person. I’m the first to admit that my bark is worse than my bite, but I do wag my proverbial tail more often than not. Dogs are my favored domesticated species and I make no apologies otherwise.

I grew up with dachshunds—the famed big-chested, long-bodied, short-legged German badger hound that has earned the iconic nickname “wiener dog.” In all reality though, this wee-beasty really ought to be nick-named “The Terminator.”

By the early 1800s, and after 200 years of breeding by northern European small-game hunters, these scent-hounds were well-trained to hold their breath for up to seven minutes when deep inside a badger or rabbit hole. Their elastic skin and short hair prevents skin tears from rocks and tangles with roots when in a burrow. Indomitably strong jaws terminate burrow-dwelling mammals in a snap and the long tails are constructed of bone vertebrae—rather than cartilage—to prevent the hunter from harming the dog when pulling it away from the hunt.

All that in a 12-pound package of mischievous, courageous and adorable pooch-ness. Just look at Gretel on our cover this month! Underneath that fashion-toting peak-freaking canine is hundreds of years of snarly bad-ass doggery. Right on little G!

Regardless of nickname or breeding history, dogs are good for us humans. They can lower our stress levels, love us unconditionally, provide hours of entertainment and—much to the annoyance of our friends—supply us with a multitude of “oh, you’ll love this one” photos and video clips.

One of our family dachshunds, Charlie Brown Dog, recently passed away after 16 years of ball-chasing, couch-cuddling and treat-feasting. Despite three back injuries that left vets telling us he should be put down, “Bo-Chucka” rallied each time making us laugh and coo for almost two decades.

PJ Watanabe, one of our awesome sales team members, brings his two doggies into the office each week. Tango and Peanut, pictured here, are the perfect networkers: checking in with each staff member and offering tail wagging encouragement, ear-scratching correspondence and good-natured belly rubs. The days those two are at the OutdoorsNW headquarters are my favorite days in the office.

Our readers have sent pictures of their adventure dogs for our second annual dog photo contest and we have been swooning from the overload of cuteness and courage of these intrepid canines.

Jumping into lakes, climbing mountains, leaping fences, running along the beach—it’s hard not to admire and envy these beloved beasts. Loved, fed and played with, it’s beyond evident that we humans are paws-over-tail in love with our canines.

Kris Parfitt
Managing Editor

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