September 23, 2016

Reviews by Kris Parfitt


A must-read for ultra-distance running beginners and novices, and those getting back into the race, Running Your First Ultra offers an inspiring and comprehensive training overview. Realistic goals, easy-to-understand nutrition information and customizable weekly training schedules are highlighted with personal stories by author Krissy Moehl (Page Street Publishing, 2015). The book offers structured, motivating and educational information to anyone crazy enough to run long distances! $23

Hal Higdon’s book, Half Marathon Training (Human Kinetics, 2016), is an engaging and educational training guide for athletes who aspire to run or walk a half or full marathon. Higdon includes inspiring anecdotes of people from all over North America who have trained for a long-distance run. The book’s practical and achievable training plans, tips and guidance can have any level athlete feel confident preparing for a half or full marathon. $17

Training Essentials for Ultrarunning, by Jason Koop with Jim Rutberg (Velo Press 2016), is for the serious and experienced athlete. Structured chapters filled with scientific research and motivational training plans guide the reader through what it takes—mentally and physically—to take your ultrarunning pursuits to the next competitive level. $22