Food Reviews: Handcrafted Beef Jerky

December 6, 2016

Handcrafted Beef Jerky
By OutdoorsNW Staff


Lawless Jerky Aloha Teriyaki

Boasting 100 percent grass-fed beef without artificial additives or preservatives, this jerky combines the perfect amount of pineapple zing, ginger “pow” and teriyaki sweetness. Cut into convenient bite-sized pieces this semi-moist treat is salted with gluten-free tamari for a final punch of great taste. Retail: 2-ounce bag, $5.99

Northwest Bierhaus IPA Beef Jerky

Well-balanced with the bold and bitter hoppy signatures of an India Pale Ale and naturally smoked flavor, this moist and chewy nitrate-free jerky is made from premium cut beef. The taste experience is an undeniably harmonious beef and beer combination. Retail: 4-ounce bag, $11

Uncle Andy’s Lumberjack Maple Bourbon

While Uncle Andy’s Jerky Company is committed to a low environmental impact from its production and packaging, it also makes tasty thick-cut tender jerky. Marinated in a whiskey-maple syrup blend, this jerky is like eating a perfectly cooked and salted bite of steak. Retail: 2-ounce bag, $6.99

Jerky’s Gourmet Soy-Free Ghost Pepper

If you like a strong kick to your palate, then this is the jerky for you! Made from hot peppers and 100 percent grass-fed cows from Eugene, Oregon, this spicy, tender and delicious jerky is dried with natural preservatives and is nitrate and soy free. Retail: 3-ounce bag, $9.49