April 11, 2017

Reviews by Kris Parfitt

The Triathlete’s Training Bible:
The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide

By Joel Friel, Velo Press

For the fourth edition of The Triathlete’s Training Bible, Coach Joe Friel, author and founding member of USA Triathlon Coaches Association, penned an entirely new book. Since the first edition in 1998, the science and sport of triathlon has changed and improved. Friel’s new edition focuses on adapting a training plan based on progress and conflicts, how best to speed recovery as a busy athlete and how best to avoid overtraining.

Friel also includes advice on improving body composition with smarter nutrition and how to maximize fitness from every running, swimming and cycling workout. With workout schedules, Friel prepares athletes of all abilities with ways to coordinate a racing season, plan workouts and prepare for a successful race day.

Two Turns from Zero

By Stacey Griffith, HarperCollins Publishers

Two Turns from Zero illustrates how to partner health and fitness with emotional and spiritual well-being to impact all aspects of your life. Griffith, a senior master indoor cycling instructor in Los Angeles and New York City, emphasizes four key concepts in her book — eat, love, train, repeat — as the blue print for being healthy, feeling happy and staying empowered. Using conditioning and nutrition coaching, visualization exercises and moving meditations to stay focused, this book inspires you to reach your greatest sense of purpose and performance for any challenge.

The Champion Mindset —
An Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness

By Joanna Zeiger, M.S., Ph.D., St. Martin’s Griffin

In the past the theory for professional or successful athletes has been based in genetics and practice. However, Dr. Joanna Zeiger, a coach and an accomplished triathlete who placed fourth in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, has researched the mental mindset it takes to win.

In The Champion Mindset she interviews and studies the minds of Olympic athletes such as Usain Bolt, Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps and discusses the qualities that are the catalyst to success.

Whether you are an occasional, collegiate or podium-winning athlete, taking adversity and turning it into an advantage, not giving up because of frustration, and being gracious whether you win or lose, are a few of the mental toughness qualities required for a champion mindset.