April 11, 2017

May is Bike Month!

By Charlie Hockett

Challenge yourself, family members, friends and colleagues to ride a bike as much as possible during the month of May with the Washington Bikes “Bike Everywhere” Challenge.  The challenge is fun, free and open to anyone in the state of Washington.

Washington Bikes encourages the community and workplace to form teams of four to 10 people to help provide inspiration, tips and encouragement.

If biking is new to you, the Challenge is a great way to get rolling. For seasoned riders, the Challenge provides friendly competition among your cycling community.

To participate, register through Washington Bikes’ website and track your trips online. You can ride solo or form a team and log your trips on the user-friendly Bike Everywhere Challenge website.

Invite someone who doesn’t bike to join your team and help a newbie get started biking; you could be the one who makes them fall in love with two-wheeled transportation.

Join the challenge and #BikeEverywhere this May.

Sign up and learn more at www.wabikes.org/challenge

Charlie Hockett is the Rides and Events coordinator for Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes