Innovation at OUTFOUNDSeries in Hood River

By John Rezell, Editor, OutdoorsNW

From Hood River, Oregon

Among the highlights of the first OUTFOUND Series held June 9-11 in Hood River, Oregon were some innovative exhibitors showing off wares, from one of a kind hats to an off-road electric trike to replace your ATV with pedal power.

I can’t say I tried on a Purple Rain Adventure Skirt that is handmade by Mandy Bland in Southern Oregon, but they sure looked comfortable. Speaking of unique, the one-off Recaps are artistic hats made from hand carved block prints right here in Hood River. No two are alike.

On the tech scene, Skedaddle might find its way into the Northwest outdoor culture. The company allows individuals to crowdsource rides to adventure. Have a hankering to go hike Mount Rainier? Signup and as soon as nine others show interest in the trip, Skedaddle sets up the transportation for the group. is an online marketplace to buy and sell used outdoor equipment. Is it time to upgrade your tent?

Ever get stuck in the snow and wish you had a shove in your trunk, or on your snowmobile? The Stealth Shovel is great for that, or for grooming a jump in your backyard for the BMXer in the family.

JeltBelt will keep your pants from slipping down on a hike and is made from 100 percent recycled material. GSgear has backpacks and other outdoor gear made from hemp in Portland, Oregon.

But possibly garnering the most double-takes was the Rungu trike that certainly doesn’t look like your Dad’s trike. This fat tire trike has its two wheels in the front to keep from washing out in corners as you trade in your ATV for pedal power with electric assistance.

I took it for a spin around the area and could see this as a valuable vehicle come Chanterelle picking season when I want to get way, way out on some of these logging roads in Oregon.

Recap hats

Recaps of Hood River, Oregon makes one of a kind hats made from hand craved block prints.


Skedaddle from New York runs a service that pairs crowdsourced route demands with luxurious rides.

Purple Rain skirts

Purple Rain based in Southern Oregon sews handmade adventure skirts for hiking.

Jelt Belt

JeltBelt of Bozeman, Montana makes form fitting belts out of 100 percent recycled material.

Gear Hug booth from Syracuse, New York is a marketplace to buy and sell outdoor gear.

Stealth Shovel

DMOS Collective is a Jackson, Wyoming company that makes portable shovels.

Datsusara backpack

Datsusara makes products from hemp and is based in Portland, Oregon.

Rungu trike

Rungu of San Clemente, California builds a fat tire, off-road electric trike.

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