Raz’s Picks: Big Rocks and Big Splash

Rough waves pounding the rocks at Oceanside, Oregon. Photo by John RezellThe rocky coast along Oceanside, Oregon. Photo by John RezellA couple enjoys the views on the rocky shores of Oceanside, Oregon. Photo by John RezellPhoto by Taylor RezellPhoto by Taylor RezellPhoto by Taylor RezellPhoto by Taylor Rezell

By John Rezell, Editor, OutdoorsNW

Heading west out of Tillamook we searched for some coastal action and stumbled upon the tiny community of Oceanside, Oregon and its beautiful beach.

Of course, we were hardly alone. With a long, wide stretch of flat sand and views of the rocky outcrops popping up from the blue Pacific, it’s a great place for an easy stroll and some beach combing.

Like most folks wandering the beach, we followed the herd and headed south. On the return trip something up ahead caught our eyes. Could it be? Yes, a tunnel carved into the cape.

We hiked over the rocky edge of the beach and, sure enough, light at the end of the tunnel begged for more discovery.

As we walked out, the stunning view took our breath away as our eyes struggled to adjust to the bright sunlight. A short 10-foot climb down to the beach, and whole new panorama spread out before us.

With the sun beaming on a late winter day, it was a great chance for some prime rocky, splashy shots.

We climbed up a rock a bit, searching for new perspectives, and chilled for a while soaking in the beauty and wonder of nature. The sound of the ocean soothes my soul like few other auditory pleasures.

We didn’t log a lot of miles on this day, but didn’t need to. Sometimes it’s just about enjoying the scenery. No matter how many times you’ve seen it before, so many images from Mother Nature never disappoint.