They’re All Winners: Dog Photo Contest Gallery

Dogs leaping

Sofie and Kirby — and their humans — dock jumping at Lake Chelan State Park. Photo by Maria Borisov

By OutdoorsNW

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who entered our 2017 Adventure Dog Photo Contest, with more than 50 photos coming in.

Maria Borisov from Clinton, WA submitted the 2017 OutdoorsNW Adventure Dog Photo Contest Grand Prize winner (above) of Sofie and Kirby — and their humans — cooling off with some dock jumping at Lake Chelan State Park.

Borisov wins the TailGater Tire Table that uses the tire as the main support and is stable regardless of the ground conditions.

Also appearing in the Summer Issue of OutdoorsNW, now at your local shops, were these three photos:

Dog with leash

While we were walking Taze he grabbed the leash from their hands and trotted toward me! Photo by Lucas Harkins

Dog leaping

Jake Spoon leaps over Junebug. Photo by Stephen Tamm

Kirby mastering his stand up paddleboarding skills at Baker Lake in the North Cascades. Photo by Maria Borisov

We also wanted to share some of the other entries, while saving some other photos for future use in our print editions!

Doing what bird dogs do in Grayland, WA. Photo by DE Macy

Photographer’s Name: DE Macy, Lake Forest Park, WA
Dog’s Name: Porter

We’re taking Kylie out for a walk at Magnuson Park in Seattle. Photo by Jen Chan

Photographer’s Name: Jen Chan, Seattle, WA
Dog’s Name: Kylie

A successful hike to the top of Rattlesnake Ridge on a typically drizzly Pacific Northwest day. Photo by Kailey Norelius

Photographer’s Name: Kailey Norelius, Bellevue, WA
Dog’s Name: Molson

Dex is on a small boat while we we’re taking in the sights at Upper Lake Klamath in Oregon. Photo by Megan Walter

Photographer’s Name: Megan Walter, Seattle, WA
Dog’s Name: Dexter

This is a picture of Jossi and my boyfriend, Ian, riding at Sandy Ridge in Oregon. Photo by Katherine Jondro

Photographer’s Name: Katherine Jondro, Beaverton, OR
Dog’s Name: Jossi

Jasper is swimming in Lake Wenatchee at dog camp! Photo by Cassie Ostrander

Photographer’s Name: Cassie Ostrander, Mukilteo, WA
Dog’s Name: Jasper

Backpacker dog, Rouge River, Oregon. Photo by Theresa Back

Photographer’s Name: Theresa Back, Vancouver, WA
Dog’s Name: Dahlia

Calla leaping off a log at the Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park along the Yakima River in Ellensburg, WA. Photo by Jarad Long

Photographer’s Name: Jarad Long, Ellensburg, WA
Dog’s Name: Calla

Murphy romps in the water at Double Bluff Beach on Whidbey Island, WA. Photo by Dan Goldgeier

Photographer’s Name: Dan Goldgeier, Seattle, WA
Dog’s Name: Murphy

Jamie and Bubbles enjoying a beautiful day at Deception Pass on Whidbey Island. Photo by Carolyn Price

Photographer’s Name: Carolyn Price, Seattle, WA
Dog’s Name: Bubbles

Exploring the river in the Quinault Rainforest. Photo by Brandy Kirkendall

Photographer’s Name: Brandy Kirkendall, Hoquiam, WA
Dog’s Name: Charlie

Bruno is sitting on a cooler while we were camping! Photo by Logan Vernia

Photographer’s Name: Logan Vernia, Schoolcraft
Dog’s Name: Bruno

Grayson on our boat, riding up front in beautiful Lake Martin on vacation. Photo by Hanna Spence

Photographer’s Name: Hannah Spence, Bend, OR
Dog’s Name: Grayson

Rogue & Bathound at Soaring Eagle Park. Post work 6-mile run! Photo by A Chittenden

Photographer’s Name: A Chittenden, Sammamish, WA
Dogs’ Names: Rogue & Bathound

Lilo on the Indian Creek Trail in Hood River. Photo by Julie Wilcox

Photographer’s Name: Julie Wilcox, Hood River, OR
Dog’s Name: Lilo

Blitz out for a five-mile run in Monterey, California when seals caught his attention. Photo by Carlos Munoz

Photographer’s Name: Carlos Munoz, Federal Way, WA
Dog’s Name: Blitz

Clock ticking and clock ticking and am patiently waiting for my owner to feed me. Photo by Ong Puiee

Photographer’s Name: Ong Puiee, Pedaling Jaya, Malaysia
Dog’s Name: Cody

Samurai running at Boyce Park in Monroeville PA. Photo by Katherine Taylor

Photographer’s Name: Katherine Taylor, Monroeville, PA
Dog’s Name: Samurai