By Carolyn Price

Swift Industries

Zeitgeist Saddle and Handlebar Bag


Homegrown and handsewn in Seattle, the newly released Zeitgeist bicycle handlebar bag is packed with many new features from its predecessor. Outside, the water-resistant bag’s easy on/easy off cord-loop vegan handlebar straps include mounting points for saddle bag loops and bar spacing. Both side pockets lay flat for less bicycle interference and a unique p-cord attaches easily around the stem. Inside, a compression cord increases stability on the bike while keeping inside gear tight. A thermoplastic polymer liner helps hold the bag’s shape, while Dee-rings offer the option of adding a shoulder strap. Comes in three colors. $195.

GSI Pinnacle Dualist HS

Backpacking Stove Kit


The Pinnacle Dualist HS is super-packed with features and ideal for a two-person backpacking trip. Best of all, it can heat two cups of water to a boil in under a minute! Weighing in at just 1.4 lbs., the stove features a scratch-proof pot with measuring graduations molded onto its side and includes a crushproof strainer lid. The kit also includes two BPA-free mugs and bowls, a folding “foon” — a foldable fork/spoon combo — and a storage sack which doubles as a sink or for washing up. Fuel cannister not included with system. GSI Outdoors, headquartered in Spokane, Wash. has come up with a winner on this one. $89.95

GSI Microlite 720

Flip-top Vacuum Bottle


Another GSI Outdoors product we really like is its 24-oz, flip-top insulated bottle. Seriously insulated. I dropped several ice cubes into my 24-oz Microlite at 9 a.m. for a hike and that afternoon the water was as cold as the moment I filled it up. Heck, it was even cold the next day. This container, weighing just .69 lbs is the Cadillac of insulation! Its push-button, flip-top lid works every time and is easy to handle with one hand. Great for keeping hot drinks hot for hours as well. Comes in four colors. $29.95

Advanced Elements Kayaks

AirVolution™ Inflatable


Looking for a lightweight kayak that rivals a hard shell?  Check out the high performance, stability and durability of Advanced Elements Kayak’s AirVolution. With a platform so rigid you could stand up and paddle it, an open-deck design for easier entry and a V-hull that enhances tracking and hull speed, the AirVolution comes standard with a high back comfortable seat, bungee deck lacing for gear stowage and heavy-duty grab handles. Available in single and tandem. Simply unfold, inflate and you’re ready for your next adventure! Single-person, $1,099.00; tandem, $1,299.

Sena Cycling

EVO1 Smart Helmet


The EVO1 Smart Helmet is much more than protection for your noggin. The helmet clearly offers a smarter alternative to distracted driving with earbuds. Listening to music — either from a smartphone or FM radio — or receiving a phone call or text alert – still allows you to hear what is going on in your surroundings, including knowing when cars approach from behind. The helmet allows you to answer smartphone calls with a voice command or touch of a button. And you can chat with others wearing EVO1s who are within a half-mile of you. It also has a voice-activated taillight that you can turn on and off. $159 (Review by John Rezell)