March 13, 2017

Director for a New Division

By Kris Parfitt

Barb Chamberlain, most recently the Chief Strategic Officer of Washington Bikes, has just been named the Director of the newly created Division of Active Transportation with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The Division of Active Transportation is parallel to other divisions for public transportation. It recognizes that biking and walking contribute to the community and economic development as equally as public transportation, aviation, rail and freight. One of Chamberlain’s new responsibilities will be to observe transportation corridors and plan for safe, complete connections for all modes of transportation statewide. The opportunity to be the first Director of a new division allows Chamberlain to lead the creation of a shared vision for active transportation throughout Washington. “The transportation problems and potential solutions differ around the state,” said Chamberlain. “But in my travels, I’ve heard excitement around development of bike and walk connections in every corner.” Chamberlain will also be connecting and convening staff and plans within various parts of WSDOT, in different regions in the state and between state agencies that are committed to healthy and active transportation. “One of the assets I bring to the role is the many years I spent living in eastern Washington,” said Chamberlain. “Active transportation connections add value for every community in the state, not just for the urban cores people may think of first when we talk about biking and walking as transportation. “The interest I've heard from places like Lincoln County, Republic, Clarkston, Pullman, Tri-Cities — this Division will truly serve the interests of the entire state.”

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