By Madeline Coats

Enjoy some bonding time with women of all ages and levels in the appropriately-named town of Sisters, Ore. The ninth annual Happy Girls Run features both half marathon and 5K routes on Saturday, Oct. 30. Both races start and finish at the FivePine Resort, 1021 E Desperado Trail. “The idea is that running makes women happy,” said Aaron Switzer, producer of the event. “That's why we call it the Happy Girls Run. Because everybody's having such a good time.” Switzer said the event is always empowering and uplifting. There’s a lot of good stories and moments that come from this kind of environment, he said. Half marathoners will get to enjoy amazing views of the Cascades on the Peterson Ridge trail system just outside Sisters. Switzer said the route is uphill for the first half of the race and downhill for the second part. “People really find it a beautiful, enjoyable run,” he said. “You get 360 views of the cascades from the highest point. It's gorgeous.” Those interested in the 5K race will take part in a road race that winds through the scenic western-themed town of Sisters, Switzer added. Last year, the event continued despite the pandemic. According to Switzer, people were crying because it was the first time they were able to compete in a running event. The virus can’t stop the women from running this year either. “It's a very, very safe race. And it's an important thing to do during this time,” he said. “We take a lot of precautions and, you know, staying fit and healthy is the best way to combat COVID.  This certainly helps with that.” Switzer said there will also be “great prizes” for people who participate. Additionally, a brewery will be waiting for runners once they cross the finish line. “It's just a really comfortable space and it's a beautiful space,” he said.

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