Two popular ski resorts in Idaho are preparing for another busy winter season. Bogus Basin and Brundage Mountain both took steps during the off-season to create more enjoyable experiences for skiers and snowboarders.

Bogus Basin funded more than $6 million for 52 capital projects over the summer, according to a news release from Ski Idaho.

“We have a very robust season pass clientele,” Bogus Basin general manager Brad Wilson said. “Everything we do really focuses on the mountain and the mountain experience.”

Bogus Basin, located just 16.5 miles north of Boise, Idaho, is a nonprofit dedicated to providing access to winter recreation for affordable prices. The nonprofit purchased three new grooming machines and multiple other pieces of equipment to keep the ski trails well-kept for guests, Wilson said. 

The resort also doubled its snowmaking ability by adding 25 new snow guns, he said. However, due to supply chain issues, they will arrive after the season starts.

The Beach, a Hawaiian-themed yurt only accessible by chairlift, plans to expand its kitchen to provide more food and drink options. Wilson said the yurt had a limited menu in previous years.

“You can come and sit down on a comfortable chair while having your lunch and your favorite adult beverage,” Wilson said. “People love to stay on the backside if they can.”

The mountain also created five new ski trails, he said, adding substantially more terrain. Over the summer, the United States Forest Service removed dead and diseased trees. The nonprofit then cleaned up those area to form the trails, he added. 

To accommodate more guests, the nonprofit added 200 more parking spaces and paved the main parking area. He plans to repave the entire lot in the next 4-5 year, Wilson said.

To learn about ticket prices, hours and more, visit the Bogus Basin website at

Under new leadership, Brundage Mountain near McCall, Idaho, has crafted an improvement plan that will revitalize the resort over the next 10 years. Construction is set to begin in 2022, said Brundage Mountain representative April Whitney.

Whitney said Brundage Mountain will break ground next year on a new lodge to replace the current, outdated building. The 20,000-square-foot facility will feature an adventure center and three food and beverage offerings.

According to a news release, the lodge will be able to accommodate more guests and a wider variety of tastes. The estimated completion date is winter 2023-24.

“Our old lodge—part of it—has been in service since 1961 when Brundage first opened,” Whitney said. “There have been many additions, but the layout is not the most efficient for our guests.”

The resort plans to further develop the base area by constructing a residential neighborhood, she said. In the first phase, Brundage Mountain will build 21 single-family homes, 22 cottages and 45 townhomes that will have ski-in/ski out access to the Lower Rodeo ski run. The project will break ground in summer 2022, she added.

The trail and lift system will both receive a facelift as described in the resort’s plans, Whitney said. Brundage Mountain will collaborate with the Forest Service to complete terrain expansions over the next 10 years, she added.

“A lot of folks I think in Western Washington and Western Oregon are going to be really excited to hear that we are now working on a ski-in/ski-out option,” Whitney said. “In the not-too-distant future, they'll be to stay up on the mountain when they come visit us.”

For more information about Brundage Mountain, visit their website at

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