2021 Media Kit


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Advertising@OutdoorsNW.com or call (206) 418-0747

Why Work with Us?

We are the only media in the Northwest that offers an integrated marketing approach directly targeting outdoors consumers.

This includes:

  • OutdoorsNW magazine
  • OutdoorsNW.com
  • Digital Marketing
  • Event Sampling
  • Events On-Site
  • Custom Publications

Locally Owned. Locally Written.

OutdoorsNW is the only local Northwest magazine serving the Northwest outdoor active enthusiast.

  • 82% use OutdoorsNW as their source for outdoor information
  • 72% of our readers have a 4-year college degree or more
  • 92% will increase their participation in Outdoors Sports in the coming year
  • $75,000 average household income
  • Participate in more than 5 or more NW sports every year
  • 40,000 copies distributed monthly in the Northwest (Seattle and Portland)
  • 125,000 copies distributed annually to NW competitors at partnered events
  • 2.34 people read each copy of OutdoorsNW


  • 30-year history of NW outdoor coverage and publication
  • NW regional editorial content
  • NW editorial staff and writers
  • Involved readers. Annual surveys show magazine is read.
  • Active participant readers. They go. They pursue multi sports.
  • Successful campaigns for advertisers.* Results delivered consistently.
  • Successful joint events. Results delivered in partnerships.
  • Economical. Great packages. Great distribution. Great results. Low cost/1,000 for effectively targeting the NW outdoor active market.
  • For Deadlines, Rates and Sizes, please call (206) 418-0747 or  email us.

“We have been getting a good number of customers coming in and mentioning they didn’t know we had a store until they saw the ad!” ~Sarah Amrhein (Hoen) Outdoor Research   For Deadlines, Rates and Sizes, please call (206) 418-0747 or email us. >>

Click to download a 4.3MB PDF of the 2019 OutdoorsNW Media Kit

Outdoor Adventure Media (OAM)


Click to download a 5.9MB PDF of the 2017 OAM Media Kit

We are a partner in a network of regional grassroots outdoors publications – reaching over 5 million active adults nationwide. Contact us for quotes: (206) 418-0747 or 

email us.

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