Adventure to find the seeds of future forests

May 03, 2023

Will you be a part of a healthy forest future? Volunteer with the Reforestation: Western U.S. team in California and Western Montana.

Forests are naturally resilient to the threat of wildfires, climate change, invasive species, and disease outbreaks. However, climate change is increasing the severity and frequency of these disturbances, exacerbating disease and insect outbreaks and putting forest regeneration at risk. Seed collection from wild, native trees is essential to replanting and reforestation.

As a volunteer, you will survey conifer cones that our partners at Mast Reforestation, a Seattle-based company, will sustainably harvest to build native seed banks for reforestation efforts. We will train you on species identification and data collection protocols, as well as provide an app to use in the field to log your observations.

The 2023 field season runs from June 1st through mid-August.

We are looking for enthusiastic outdoor stewards like yourself to join the volunteer team! Do you know anyone who might be interested? Forward this email or send them to

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